Are you puzzled by American attitudes on climate change? Within the international climate change community, U.S. policy has been met with a mix of hope and frustration. Following the release of the U.S. national assessment report on the heels of the IPCC fifth assessment, the characterization of climate change appears to be shifting in American public discourse. What was previously “a series of impacts that will only be felt in the distant future,” is increasingly described as something that is already happening. Even politicians that in the past eagerly denied global warming, have begun to moderate their challenges of climate science, with some now avoiding comment altogether on grounds they are “not qualified to talk about it.”
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“Can USEPA’s new power plant ‘rule’ break our climate logjam?”
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The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s Executive Director and Dean, Michael Gillenwater, has co-written an open letter on the issue of greenhouse gas accounting for Scope 2 emissions. Specifically, this letter lays out a clear position on the use of contractual approaches. The authors encourage you to read the letter (including technical annex and Q&A section), circulate it if you wish, and provide your comments at the bottom of the webpage. You can access the letter here:
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